Where to Next?

The news has been horrific the last month or so. Hurricanes have slammed Texas and Florida, as well as impacting many other states. Puerto Rico will never be the same. Now, Las Vegas has been subjected to senseless tragedy and loss.

We at Train 4 Safety Press grieve for the loss and offer encouragement and support to the survivors. If life has taught anything, it is that the human spirit cannot be extinguished.

Much of our focus here at Train 4 Safety Press has been on preparedness, and we plan to continue down this path. Eventually we hope to branch out into providing books that help children deal with the aftermath of disaster.

While we determine our next book development focus, we are going to shift gears and try and get out our current books in as many languages as possible. Right now we are looking at starting with Spanish and Portuguese (due to volunteers and interest). What language would you like to see us focus on? How do we get to as many children in hazard threatened areas as possible?