Burnt Toast and Snow Cream Cones

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Burnt Toast and Snow Cream Cones

Lily and Niko are at childcare when the smoke alarm goes off. Will the kids fire drill practice pay off? Or will their snow day fun go up in smoke along with the toast? Reading this book is a great way for parents, childcare providers, and caregivers, to talk to toddlers and preschool children about fire drills and evacuation in a non-scary way.

Burnt Toast and Snow Cream Cones Endorsement:

"Hurricane Vacation" is the delightful tale of a beach vacation that is interrupted by a hurricane. As the hurricane approaches, the adults calmly explain to the children what a hurricane is and how to prepare for its arrival. They also explain the importance of evacuating for the storm, where to go and what to bring to a shelter. "Hurricane Vacation" is a wonderful primer for children on hurricane preparedness, because it makes the subtle point that with preparation comes confidence. If you live in a hurricane prone region and have young children, this is a must-have addition for your library.

-  Larry LaHue, CEM, CFM, FPEM, - Senior Planner, Volusia County Emergency Management Division

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- Burnt Toast and Snow Cream Cones is a Mom's Choice Award Winner!!

- Reader's Favorite: 5 Star Review