Who Does This?

I find it troubling and sad the state of today’s world where some people feel the need to make money exceeds the need to be ethical and honest.

I just discovered a few websites that are offering Elephant Wind (ebook version) for FREE. If they actually have this content, it is pirated and not being used with permission from the author.

More troubling, and more likely is that the people/organizations doing this are hoping you will click on their website and give up information they can use to either steal your identity in some phishing scam or impact your life in some way.

The lure of free books to give our children, especially ones that can pass on potentially life-saving information should not be used this way.  I hate to think of any parent, caring adult, or older sibling, etc. who desires to get this book (or others like it) that falls victim to this scheme.

Please if you know anything about it – report it to the website content owners or flag it for your friends and family. Let’s not have anyone fall victim to this hoax. Be safe and remember to shop smart.

If you are looking for ebook or paperback copies, contact us and we can help you find safe and legal copies.

Thank you and be careful. – Heather

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